Happy unwrapping!


Oh, the excitement!

The most beautiful gift
Awaiting unwrapping.
Fingers fumbling,
Heart racing,
And cheeks blushing.
You set about to unravel
The mysteries hidden inside,
Just as in those golden, childhood days.

Of these thoughts arose gift wrapping concept, POMARBO.


POMARBO’s gift boxes are a result of a few happy coincidences. Let’s start from the beginning. One of the founders, Marja Moilanen, had always enjoyed giving beautifully wrapped gifts. However, the traditional paper-scissors-tape wrapping method took a lot of time and planning, and the end result was hardly ever as neat as she had hoped.

After a while, Marja attended a course that was aimed at creative professionals who wanted to do something new and start their own business. Her background in graphic design and her image processing skills were a good starting point, but it took a lot of brainstorming to figure out what she could do with her talent. One day it hit her. She now knew what was missing from the Finnish market: an eco-friendly designer gift box set! As soon as she had come up with the idea, she instinctively knew this was something that could also sell well outside Finland.


Now we have been adding useful, ecological and innovative products  into POMARBO’s concept. The product are printed on materials with vegetable-based or water-soluble inks. We have taken every opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of our product, so they are an environmentally friendly alternative.

We want to bring joy and an element of surprise to the moment of unwrapping. The key aspects of our gift wrapping concept include Finnish design and high usability. In addition, POMARBO’s gift box and tags are a registered designs.

So that’s how POMARBO was born, and the story will continue. At this point, we would like to thank everyone who has helped us so far! Now you have the opportunity to become part of our success story.


Retailers can boost the sale of various products by placing POMARBO’s gift boxes near products that fit neatly into the boxes, which makes it easy for customers to buy both. The gift boxes are perfect for all kinds of gifts, including clothing and other soft gifts.

Thoughts about wrapping:

A beautifully wrapped gift brings joy to the recipient even before they open it. The interior of POMARBO’s gift boxes holds an extra element of surprise: matching printed patterns that make the moment of unwrapping unforgettable.


Happy unwrapping!